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Supreme Court rules on military divorce benefits

One of the most complex family law matters is dividing assets in a military divorce, which falls under Federal and California law. The Supreme Court ruled this month that states cannot raise a former spouse's retirement pay to compensate for losing benefits caused by waving disability payments.

Adoption in California

Much of the practice of family law is adversarial by nature. Even in an amicable divorce, the two parties have competing interests. When not handled well, child custody and child support disputes can lead to wounded pride and lingering resentments.

How is property divided in California when a couple divorces?

Couples in California who decide to end their marriage can often work out many legal issues between themselves through out-of-court negotiations. One of these legal issues is property division. However, in California, even if a couple has already agreed on how to separate their property, until the final divorce decree is issued, any community property owned by the couple still belongs to both of them, and legally will not be considered separate.

Locating the child's biological parent for stepparent adoption

If a stepparent in California wishes to adopt his or her stepchild, the child's other biological parent must be notified, as the adoption will terminate his or her parental rights. This means that the child's other biological parent must be found and provide written consent for the child to be adopted, or the stepparent must obtain a court order, after showing a thorough and exhaustive search has been made and the biological parent cannot be found, that will end the child's other biological parent's parental rights.

Ending a domestic partnership in California

Sometimes those in a domestic partnership, just like those who are married, find that their union is not what it once was and they wish to dissolve it. The state of California recognizes that not every domestic partnership is meant to last, and provides a means for ending the domestic partnership without needing to file a proceeding for dissolution. Instead, domestic partners, under circumstances, can dissolve their union by filing a Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership with the California Secretary of State.

When might a post-divorce modification be necessary?

Divorce can be one of the biggest life changing events someone in California can face. After the final divorce decree is signed, the parties may breathe a sigh of relief, feeling that part of their life is behind them, and their future is settled. However, life goes on and things often change.

What is quasi-community property in a California divorce?

Couples in California who have been married a long time may have accumulated a good deal of property. They may have bought a home, automobiles, furniture and other valuable possessions. They may also have savings accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, stocks and life insurance policies. Therefore, should the couple eventually divorce, there are a lot of property division issues that must be considered.

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