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Common questions regarding child support modifications

Any type of legal issue that involves family is stressful. There can be a large amount of uncertainty and fear and many situations aren't helped by the fact that such matters can be extremely complicated. Dealing with family law issues such as child support, however, doesn't have to be rife with unanswered questions and guesses.

How does relocation and travel out of state work in California?

California parents who are trying to raise a child in two separate households probably would hope their children would be able to live close to them. On a practical level, that makes child custody and visitation easier to manage. Emotionally, many also find that living close can make a huge difference in the quality of relationship a parent has with his or her children.

Representing parents in child support proceedings

When parents in California decide to divorce, the well-being of their child may be the first thing on their mind. Of course, they may want to see that their child weathers the separation as well as possible emotionally, but they may also be concerned with child custody decisions, and how their child will adjust to having two homes.

Can Orange County parents deduct child support on their taxes?

2016 may have brought many changes to Orange County families, and for some people the biggest change they faced in 2016 was a divorce. After two parents in Orange County divorce, the noncustodial parent generally pays child support to the custodial parent. Sometimes this adds up to a lot of money. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average amount of child support paid nationwide is $5,150. Parents paying child support may wonder, are these payments are tax deductible?

When can a parent pursue a child support modification?

Life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises our way. For example, a parent in California could receive a significant increase or decrease in his or her income, or experience a job loss. A new child from a new relationship could be born to a parent who has children from a previous relationship. Or parents who are divorced or no longer together could have a major change to the amount of parenting time they each have with the child. In addition, a child's needs, such as medical needs or child care needs, could change. If a parent is receiving or paying child support, these life events could cause that parent to seek a child support modification.

What happens if you fall behind on child support payments?

There may be understandable reasons as to why Californians have fallen behind on child support payments. These include major illnesses or a job loss. Nonetheless, one's obligation to pay child support will not go away, and the failure to do so could lead to some undesirable consequences.

In what ways can California parents pay child support?

In California, after a couple separates or divorces, a child support order will be entered into if the couple has children. This order dictates how much child support the noncustodial parent will have to pay per month to the custodial parent. Once a child support order is established in Orange County, it is important that payments are made in full and on time. There are a variety of ways in which a noncustodial parent can pay child support.

How might an unmarried parent in California pursue child support?

In California, each parent shares an equal obligation to provide financially for their child. Child support, of course, is not an issue for married parents, but for unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship with one another, child support becomes an issue they must address. When an unmarried parent is seeking child support he or she must move the court for an order to establish both paternity and subsequently child support.

Despite guidelines, parents may have child support questions

California statutes lay out guidelines for an initial determination of child support that are in general supposed to be specific and clear. Typically, each parent’s income will be examined as will the amount of time they will be caring for the child. However, there may be situations in which a deviation is warranted or “add-ons” are appropriate, for example, for child care.

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